"It was like a old school circa 1990 mtn bike race. Awesome and epic."     T. Sherman, PIMPIN-BIKES.COM



description and Topo maps here

This series of Mtn. Bike Races are designed to encourage  and challenge all categories of Mtn Bike enthusiast.....Our courses are meant to be fast, competitve and viewer friendly.  The course is 90% jeep/ ATV trails   and 10% single track.   Although this course is raced on jeep trails, don't let it fool you, the course is challenging. You don't need a lot of technical skills but your fitness level better be up to par... The course is fast, wet and a few 'Hike a Bike' areas where, unless you're a mountain goat, you'll be pushing it, cussing all the way up! This course is perfect for a wide range of abilities; however, you better be in shape!

RACE # 3
8:45 AM
Race Categories
Awards will be presented 3 deep in all catagories / male and female
** Open/ Beginner -          15 miles
** Intermediate/ Sport -    21 miles
** Advanced/ Expert -       30 miles
** Highschool 9th, 10th grade -   15
** Highschool 11th, 12th grade - 15
** Single Speed - 21 miles
** Big Kittens / Females 150+
** Big Cats / Males 200+
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